How to clean your iPad screen the right way

How to clean your iPad screen the right way

An iPad is an expensive and useful item. Owners must care for their electronic devices to ensure they withstand the test of time. The process includes regular screen cleaning.

This article will serve as a guide on how to clean iPad screen and what to use to clean iPad screen to avoid doing any damage.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning Your iPad Screen

Before discussing how to clean iPad screen, let's talk about what you shouldn't do.

  • Use Abrasive Materials: never use abrasive cloths, paper towels, or towels to clean your iPad screen

  • Use Abrasive Products: Abrasive cleaning products like bleaches and aerosol sprays can also damage your screen

  • Wipe Excessivley: Excessive wiping could damage your screen.

  • Leave Your Phone Plugged In: Unplug all external power sources to prevent electrical hazards.

  • Use Liquids Near Your Product: Keep your iPad safe by keeping liquid products far away unless they are specifically recommended for screen cleaning. Be especially careful not to let liquids into the device's openings.

  • Spray Cleaners into the Item: Apply cleaning products to a lint-free cloth before using them on your iPad screen.

How to clean an iPad screen?

Now that you know what not to do, let's discuss the best way to clean an iPad screen and answer the question, what can I use to clean my iPad screen? A lint-free cloth may be the best cleaner for this device's screen. However, certain solutions may be helpful if you are dealing with gunk.

Step-by-Step Process for a Spotless Screen

A step-by-step process to clean your iPad's screen looks something like this:

  1. Unplug all your cables and turn off your device. You can turn off the device by pressing and holding the sleep/wake button and sliding the onscreen slider.

  2. Use a slightly damp microfiber cloth to gently wipe the screen. The iPad has an oleophobic coating that resists oil, so if you are trying to remove oil accumulated from normal usage, a microfiber cloth should be all you need.

  3. The device's display should be relatively dry after the cleaning process, but if there is excess moisture, use your lint-free cloth to remove it. Once all moisture is removed, it will be ready for use.

Effective Techniques for iPad Screen Cleaning

The main technique to be aware of when you have a dirty iPad screen is gentle wiping. If you wipe too aggressively, you will damage the oleophobic coating and make the screen more susceptible to dirt and oil. Use a gentle touch when applying your microfiber cloth to the screen.

You should also aim to wipe in one direction. Doing so will avoid smudging.

Tips for Keeping Your iPad Display in Perfect Condition

Now you know how to clean your device display. But it's best to use preventative care to ensure your Apple devices don't get dirty and damaged in the first place. Here are some tips for maintaining perfect condition.

  • Keep Your iPad in a Case: An iPad case will keep your display from breaking. You can get a case that wraps around the back, or purchase one that wraps around the entire device for optimal protection.

  • Clean off Harmful Materials: If your screen comes into contact with anything harmful, clean it right away.

  • Act Immediately if the Unit Gets Wet: This applies more to the device than the display, but if your unit gets wet, disconnect it and wipe it with a soft lint-free cloth. Place it in a sealable bag with silica gel packets. Leave it in the bag for 72 hours before plugging it back in. Never use compressed air to dry it.

  • opt in for a regular clean for your iPad display with the on-the-go portable screen cleaner spray kit.

Safely Disinfecting Your iPad Screen

Fingerprints aren't the only thing you may want to remove from your device display. You may also want to disinfect it so it is free from germs. If that's the case, and you are wondering what to clean the display with, you can dampen your lens cloth with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

You can also use the cleaner on other parts of your iPad. Avoid getting it into the speaker holes or charging port.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Your iPad

Here are some things to avoid when cleaning your device:

  • Avoid using homemade or household cleaners that could contain damaging ingredients.

  • Avoid wiping too hard to avoid damage.

  • Avoid using abrasive cleaning products.

Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your iPad Case

Cleaning your electronic device case is also critical. If your case is dirty, it may spread dirt onto the display and damage your device.

The method for cleaning your device case will vary depending on the case material, but here are some general steps to follow.

  1. Remove the device from the case.

  2. Wipe the case with a dry cloth to remove dirt.

  3. Wipe the case with a damp cloth to remove grime.

  4. Use a toothbrush to get into the crevices.

  5. Wipe the case with a dry cloth again to remove excess moisture on interior and exterior surfaces.

Caring for Leather and Fabric iPad Cases

Here are some care tips that are specific to leather and fabric cases.


  1. Wipe your leather case with a soft, dry cloth.

  2. Use saddle soap which is designed for leather products.

  3. Avoid using too much water to avoid damage.

  4. Apply creams or moisturizers to keep the case soft.


You can clean fabric cases by popping them in the laundry. However, if you have a fabric-covered case you can:

  1. Treat tough stains with laundry detergent and stain remover.

  2. Avoid using excessive water which can damage the adhesives.

  3. Spot treat areas that come in contact with the hands frequently.

Now you know how to clean your iPad display and the answer to the question, 'What can I clean my iPad screen with?' This information will ensure your cherished device endures the test of time. Good luck keeping your Apple devices in great shape.